About Us

With the changing world of technology, the innovation should be at a level accessible to all. Boardoza is established with the mission to make the products of technology more reachable and democratize the process of prototyping for all people.

We are motivated to provide tools with which everyone gives an exact shape to ideas and by that, they can eliminate the barriers on their path to creativity.

Our main mission is turning the advanced technology of leading sensor and module manufacturers into designed breakout boards so that maker movement technology enthusiasts can have access to it. And in such, we will create a community that will consume technology but will also produce and develop it.

All our products favor ease of use and compatibility, with environmentally friendly production and energy-efficient use methods.

The slogan that best reflects the motto of our deliverance is “All about prototype” in order to give you the needed support to free your creativity and build your dream.

From community feedback, we’ve centered and are continually improving our products according to need and expectation.

We work with the best suppliers on the market to offer sustainable management in your supply chain and consistent, trustworthy quality with material availability at all times according to your project’s requirements.

Boardoza makes prototyping with world-class technology solutions easy, understandable, and cost-effective for everyone.

Our aim is to address every technology enthusiast from every age and every stage—starting from education to a professional level. The solution is beneficial for students, teachers, hobbyists, start-ups, and big tech companies. Anyone who comes with an innovative idea is valuable for us.

We are the Boardoza team

We are the Boardoza team: technology and innovation enthusiasts. Among us, you can find engineers, trainers, and technology visionaries. Each of us surely believes in the affirmative influence of technology on society and is committed to that through our work. Building a better future together.