Imagine a world where innovation and creativity mingle to make technology accessible to all. We at Boardoza give flesh to this imagination by transforming the best of the technology from leading sensor and module manufacturers into breakout boards designed for one and all.

We give the tools that bring an idea to reality even when you just have an idea in your mind. We are the bridge that removes the complexity of technology to unleash creativity.

Standardized Designs: Every card available on the market is like a puzzle piece. Our designed card, designed with 20x20mm dimensions and multiples, makes your projects join seamlessly—meaning, open ways for easy integration and perfect compatibility for you.

Reliable Components: We are not for compromising at all. In fact, when we join hands with the industry leaders and reliable component manufacturers, definitely, you are going to get nothing other than the best for your project. Your project, therefore, is safe through the components that we select.

Open Source Supported: Push your limits of creativity, as we are with you. You can add any sort of value to your projects with our extensive documentation and open-source codes hosted on GitHub. This might be a good starting point for your inspiration or just a helping hand.

User-Based Development: Boardoza grows with you by hand. Your feedback means a lot for us. We are always updating the cards according to your needs, and we produce new ideas. Dream it, and we will make it real with you. Because together, let us grow and develop technologies.

Continuous Innovation: Technology is constantly changing, and Boardoza is at the forefront of this flow. By integrating the latest components and technologies into our cards, we always provide our customers with the most up-to-date solutions the industry has to offer.