TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger Breakout Board

Boardoza TP4056 is a complete constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger module for single cell lithium-ion batteries.

Technical Specifications

Power Input TypeType-C
Voltage Supply4V to 8V
Functions1S Li-Ion Charge
Charge Voltage4.2V
Charge Current130mA to 1000mA
Operating Temperature-40°C to +70°C
Board Dimensions20 x 40 mm

Board Spesific Properties

  • Constant Current / Constant voltage charging method.
  • C/10 Charge termination.
  • 2.9V trickle charge threshold (for deeply discharged batteries).
    Upper charge stop voltage : 4.2V.
  • Soft start inrush current limit.
  • Automatic recharge (keeps batteries optimally charged when connected to a charger).

Board Pinout

PIN NumberPIN NameDescription
1V+Voltage Output
3BAT –Negative Battery Terminal
4BAT +Positive Battery Terminal