Boardoza BS801C Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout Board

The Boardoza BS801C is a capacitive touch sensor board which can detect human body contact using external touch pad. There are three connection pins VCC, GND and KOUT. Breakout Board has 2 LEDs for Power and Sensor output signals.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage6V (Max)
FunctionsTouch Sensor
Working Voltage2.2V to 5.5V
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Board Dimensions20 x 20 mm

Board Spesific Properties

  • Adjustable sensitivity (value range of 0pF to 10pF – higher capacitance values result in higher sensitivities). 4pF default value, optional to plug 0-6pF for SENS.
  • Ultra low current: 3.0A at 3V (for Sensor).
  • Selects Key Output Type (option as Level-Hold output and Toggle output).

Board Pinout

PIN NumberPIN NameDescription
1VCCPower supply (5VDC)
2KOUTTouch key output pin
PIN NumberPIN NameDescription
2+5VPower Supply +5V
3+3V3Power Supply +3.3V
4SCKSPI 4W – Serial Clock Input
5SDOSPI 4W – Serial Data Output
6SDISPI 4W – Serial Data Input
7CSSPI 4W – Chip Select